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So here’s a core set of Spotlight features — it’s a short list — and how it compares with Alfred or Launch Bar: Spotlight launches applications just as well as the others, including with abbreviations.For example, to launch Navicat Premium Essentials, a Spotlight of Type a few words and it finds matching files and their contents very quickly.Unlike the commercial applications, Spotlight returns far fewer results in the HUD screen, but you rarely need more than the top four to find the file you want.Also, since El-Capitan, it now searches on partial strings.I think one should review one’s productivity tool load-out every once in a while.Operating system updates, other productivity tool updates and your own work practices change over time. Changing the muscle-memory, it turns out, is surprisingly simple, quick and easy. I am a huge fan of keyboard launcher/productivity applications like Launch Bar, Alfred, and back-in-the-day Quick Silver.

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I know you can resize the Spotlight screen, but I want more results per category, not a larger screen showing more categories.

Type the first few letters of a person’s name and Spotlight shows their contact card.They were amongst the first applications installed on any new system, and I believed I could not work productively without them.