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As the caption states, the photograph below shows the Royal Hibernian Military School in Dublin, Ireland, with its pupils lined up in front of it.

Mounted on a postcard back, it was mailed in 1911 from Dublin to a recipient in Nottingham.

As well as providing a window into his work, Art’s website, is a rich and important historical resource that will remain accessible to all for the foreseeable future.

TACA is immensely indebted to Art, and sends sincere condolences to his family and friends.

In existence between 17, the Royal Hibernian School educated the orphaned sons of soldiers or those whose soldier–fathers’ absence overseas had left their families destitute.

You can read more about the history of the school on the late Art Cockerill’s website: ancestor John Campbell enlisted in the 42nd Regiment in Glasgow in 1825, age 18 years, and his occupation was carpenter (WO 97).

In 1957, he emigrated with his wife, Beryl, to Canada, where he worked as a hydro-electric engineer.

His largest project was in Labrador, with lead investor Edmund de Rothschild.

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The various circulars and orders made it clear that the aim was both to educate young soldiers and attested boys and also soldiers’ children – so that their fathers would know that the state was concerned about their welfare.He also wrote the book for a musical, taking advice from George S Kaufman and Tyrone Guthrie – Art was never shy.