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29-Oct-2017 18:07

He was by far the best character on the show after Eliza’s Mom Who I Totally Had A Crush On. At this point you’re probably rolling your eyes that Curry plays yet another singing villain, but this is seriously his best role to date.

Muppet Treasure Island is the unrivaled best Muppet movie of all time. Not just anyone can allude to a torrid former romance with Miss Piggy without sounding ridiculous.

Yes, exactly the version of Annie you’re thinking of.

The 1982 version with Carol Burnett that everyone watched when they were kids in the 80s.

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Probably because that scene where Cameron Diaz dances in her underwear is all you remember.Here Curry plays the antagonistic concierge who’s suspicious of the “adult” staying with young lost-in-New-Yorker Kevin (Macaulay Culkin aka the “aahhh” kid).