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In fact, he has a reported net worth of .1 billion (£1.35bn), making him the 931st richest man in the world.As well as having broken into the globe's top 1,000 - beers are on you, right, Evan?Unlike many rivals, however, Evan Spiegel didn't form the foundations of the Snapchat team at an electronics club or math department meet, but a frat party.A party-loving member of Stanford University's Kappa Sigma fraternity, Spiegel formed what would eventually become Snapchat with the aid of fellow frat brothers Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown.

' Cause there's nothing like dressing a slutty animal to regain your confidence, and remind your ex that you are a monumental babe. George Clooney Clooney, notorious bachelor and suavest man alive, has been hard to pin down. If it turns out he's impervious to Miranda, then we give up. Sam Worthington It wouldn't hurt M-Kerr to show some Aussie pride and pick a home-grown guy next time.His first app was a flop Despite Snapchat's phenomenal global success – the company reportedly has close to 200 million users – it hasn't always been sunshine and lollipops for Evan's app efforts.